What is Custom Web Application?

Custom Web Applications functions the way you want them. Customized
Web application cuts short those un-required functionalities and the
things that frustrate users, which results in a user friendly Web

Benefits of Custom Web Application Development

As per your requirement: – The basic and the essential benefit for choosing custom web application is that it is designed and developed keeping in mind your requirement. Generally, readymade applications contain such functionalities that may not serve you any purpose. We simplify the things by getting rid of the unnecessary functionalities.

Scalable and in budget: – Custom Web Applications are usually scalable and are power packed in budget as these are developed with ingredients chosen by you. Differing from pre-developed applications which are inexpensive but are limited to functionalities. This is where Custom Web Application races ahead and proves to be the real winner.

Security:- Custom application can protect your system and data from external threats. As the major successful hacking attempts performed are due the known vulnerabilities of the commonly used applications in market.

Use it until you need it:- The Custom Web Applications can stop where you want it to stop.How? Let us consider a scenario where a Company decides to merge with other or decides to withdraw support to the applications. This might generate a situation where company data can come under risk and there shall arise a need to convert them into compatible applications. Such is not the case with Real Clique’s Custom Web Application Service, you can use until you want it to use.

Save cost of add-on hardware: – Some software’s need extra add-on hardware to work smoothly even those functionalities are not going to be used. This can be overcome by the custom developed applications, which later on save a lot of money and decreasing the budget.

Key Features of our Custom Web Application Development services

Customer oriented: –We believe in customer satisfaction and so we are committed to provide you with the best results which covers every aspect of application development and implementation.

Project vision: – We prepare a perfect blueprint to achieve the project vision/goal by understanding the project, the requirement associated with it. . If you have a documentation ready then our analyst will go through it and provide the budget estimation and the time frame of the project.

Technology consulting: – Confused which technology will suit your business? Don’t worry we offer free advice and will update you with the current trend in technology and will guide you to choose the best one for you.

User experience: – We pay a lot of attention to UI design and usability, which are realized through comprehensive prototyping and usability tests.

Quality Assurance: – We are committed to provide you with the best quality services and we follow a strict process of routine testing and quality that delivers an error free web application.

Development: – We ensure the web development’s entire SDLC is seamless and transparent, thus facilitating better control and visibility into the workflow by blending in the best project development approach and techniques by using relevant project management tools and domain expertise to deliver high quality end-to=end web solutions.

Deployment: – With completion of Development the project advances towards deployment where we deploy the application developed either to a production or to a test environment to make it ready for designated use or final pre-launch testing.

Integration: – The operation of a functionally rich web application often depends on its interoperability with online services and data sources. When required, Real Clique carries out seamless integration with third-party software / web services (popular social networks, payment gateways, online data sources, SaaS APIs, etc.)

Maintenance and support: – We provides continuous support and maintenance for the applications delivered. Know more about our Web Maintenance & Support Service.

Continuous improvement: – We also provide 4-level support and software enhancements to complete application refactoring with no interruptions into the running business process.

Why Real Clique?

Real Clique has an in-depth knowledge and vast experience in the world of web Development Services, We are a reliable vendor to provide you with the best Custom Web Application.

As technology advances and programming languages changes as the need of the web technologies, we here at Real Clique keep a keen note to the latest trend in the technologies. We improvise ourselves, we use every new prospect of the programming languages to provide best result to our clients and make sure that they get the best solution in the current trend.

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