Many times it happens when you are developing an Application, Website or any web project and you feel for one or other reason you are in need of changing your development company. May be because of delays in development work, not able to deliver the desired work, provider companies doesn’t have enough manpower or skills to finish the entire project. Be it anything Real Clique has skilled and experienced resources who can understand your needs and can deliver exactly the same what you had thought / planned about. At Real Clique we develop project design and execution strategy depending up on case to case. After examining your requirement we suggest what would work best for you from traditional Waterfall methodologies or the Agile one moving forward.

After examining the current status of your project. We not only provide suggestions but as and when required coordinate with your existing agencies also accordingly to ensure all the backups, credentials and knowledge transfer is been taken care as per the Real Clique’s project handover guide line. And we also help / suggest in making sure that the transition period becomes smooth and has less number of interactions involved in it.

Once we have the total control over project and all of their code files and databases, we study the code and provide current status report to you that then helps you to understand your project’s actual current status and from there how much time and efforts it will take to complete the project. Once we finish working on your project we have flexible on going and on need based support models that you can choose from. After the project gets completed we handover all the project related files which then makes you possible to have complete control over your project.

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