We take pride in introducing you the
best SEO services from Real Clique that’s not
just result oriented but also the most cost
-effective. Here’s what we have on offer.


Internet is the new race track and websites are the racers! Your website will only win if it has the best of everything. That “everything” is SEO-Search Engine Optimization.

With good SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) we can improve the visibility of your website or webpage in of all natural (un-paid / Organic) search results. That means your website or webpage ranks higher in search engine results, and it also appears more frequently in search results. Therefore the likelihood of getting more visitors to your site is increased dramatically.

With our extensive professional experience, we guarantee that we can give your website the first page ranking. Our Promise!


OThe SEO team at Real Clique is highly experienced and these guys know what fuel your website needs.We start with Keyword Research as Effective SEO services can’t be applied without this being done first.

Keywords help search engines like Google and Bing to catch your site when it’s searching for relevant information on the internet. Keyword research is an important element to SEO. Word lists must be current, accurate and relevant. We carry out an in-depth research and analysis based on the most advantageous keyword that suits your business. Once this stage is successfully implemented the results are right away positive helping your website rank higher on search engine results

We only implement “White-hat” SEO techniques. Black-hat SEO techniques are employed to trick Google.

Though the results are fast in some cases but this can seriously hamper the long term visibility of your website on Google.


To do anything you need a goal. So does a website has a goal. We first analyze what want to do on the website, and then we need to get them to fulfil that goal.

Our SEO team further identify and fix key areas of resistance where visitors might be driving away from your site, backing-off from key pages or to be more precise couldn’t reach the goal.

We highly recommend an on-going site analysis to check how things are going, watch out for areas that needs improvement. Ask us to help you identify opportunities for improvement.

We also offer free website health check that include a report card on the current status of your website, along with some ideas on how to enhance the ranking via various on-page and off-page SEO strategies. These are an optimal starting point for any work being done on your site.