Why does your business need a social media presence?

Social Media are no more a medium for just people to connect with each other.
Businesses now have their new home.

Social Media helps you break boundaries and connect with people just anywhere
around the world thus giving you tremendous business outreach. It plays an
essential role in ranking good in search.

It’s considered to be one of the most rapidly changing marketing channels. The
Social Networks like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin etc keeps evolving with
new features to help your business grow faster.So, it becomes extremely important
to understand where to start from.

That’s where the Realclique’s Social Media Marketing Service comes into the scene.
Our Social Media team are well experienced and trained to put your business on the
right path.

So How Do We Do It?

Social Media Audit

The foremost thing we do is by performing an audit of the target audience. This is the first milestone where we make sure that we set right channels for the right audience. We take care that these profiles are carefully optimized to give you the best result.

Build Your Audience

Our Social Media Marketing experts then move ahead with the plan of action by targeting users and influencers in your industry to follow in order to place your brand upfront to those who will bring a positive difference.

Engage With Influencers

Just targeting users and influencers is not enough, engaging with them is important too. We will have conversation with influencers in your sectors in a way that represents your brand’s style. Not just this, we will only move forward with your permission and won’t engage with users without your consent and knowledge.


We will also provide expansive monthly reports detailing how
your social media profiles are having a positive effect on your
business, complying with key targets as planned on the audit

Social Posting

We are not finished yet! We will let the users know your
business by providing you with social post schedules which
will promote your business with contents from your site or a
personalized one from our team.The guys are pro-active and
are aware which hashtags to use for your sector and blend
the correct tone of voice too.

Social Advertising

Social advertising can turbo boost engagement and website
traffic to unprecedented heights.


We deliver you custom-made social media campaigns
specially designed to drive social engagement, bunch-up data
and build up visibility of a new product.